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Christ's Last words on the Cross

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                              Mark 15:33-34; Psalm 22:1; 22:24 NIV    Rainbow in my back yard
                                              NIV | NKJV | ESV
                                        "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?" 
       Jesus wasn't complaining, he wasn't questioning God because he was God in the flesh, John 1:1-18 NIV.  He wasn't tempted, or weakened, he wasn't being negative. He was ministering to the men & women standing at the cross listening, weeping and scared, ministering to all mankind when mankind was paying attention. 

       Christ appeared pondering a question all mankind should ponder.  But God doesn't ponder questioning philosophically.  Christ was fulfilling prophecy telling the world he was the prophesied Messiah.
         Why would God the Father not help God the son?  According to scripture there is only one God, that reveals himself to us in three persons.  Christ claimed to be the Son.  Christ's common claim he was the Son of God offended many.  Truth offends.  Many misunderstood this thinking as being remnants of polytheism resurfacing in mankind.
                                            Christ's Claims Of Who He Was
1.)  Matthew 12:1-8-Christ claimed he was greater then the Temple.  This includes everything in the Temple and God's presence.
2.)  Matthew12:22-28-Christ claimed he was Lord of the sabbath.
3.)  Matthew 5:17-20-Christ claimed he either was or controlled by the Holy Spirit, or God.
4.)  Matthew 4:1-11-Christ taught with authority as if God.  Christ spoke as if he had the power to cast into hell
                                   or allow into heaven.  Satan challenged Christ's claim to be Son of God. 
5.)  John 1:1-10-Christ claimed to be the Son of God, also claimed he was Lord God.
6.)  Mark 1:21-26-Christ had the ability to control all demons.  Demons called him the Holy one of God.
7.)  Matthew 4:19-Christ claimed he was a Master fisher of men, training men to become fishers of men.
8.)  Matthew 3:11-12-John the Baptist claimed Christ had the power to decide who went to heaven and who went to hell.
9.)  Matthew 9:14-15-Christ claimed he was the Bridegroom.
10.)  Matthew 10:34-Christ claimed he did not come to bring peace but divide loving families.
11.)  Matthew 16:13-Christ called himself the Son of Man., also in 17:22.
12.)  Matthew 17:26-The fish an creation are controlled by Christ.  The elements also, the coin.
13.)  Matthew 13:53-58-Christ claimed he was a great prophet without honor in his hometown.
14.)  Matthew 17:1-5-God called Christ his son with three witnesses Peter, James and John.  Also Christ called Moses and  Elijah  from heaven this means Christ was greater then Moses or Elijah.
15.)  Matthew 7:22-Christ claims he is the door keeper controlling who gets into heaven. 
16.)  Matthew 7:20- Christ called himself the son of man.
17.)  Matthew 8:26-27-Christ controlled the winds and waves.
18.)  Matthew 13:37-Christ claimed he was the farmer that sowed good seed all over the field, the world.
19.)  Matthew 14:25-26-Christ controlled the physical elements and gravity, walked on water.
20.)  Matthew 18:10-Christ claimed he was the Son of father God in heaven.
21.)  Matthew 20:-16-Christ claimed he was, The great land owner of earth.
22.)  Matthew 20:28-Christ called himself the great, "Son of Man that came to serve."
23.)  Matthew 21:13-Christ called the temple, "My house."  This insinuated his claims he was God.
24.)  Matthew 21:18-21-The trees listened to Christ when he spoke.  Insinuates he was God.
25.)  Matthew 21:42-Christ called himself the cornerstone the builders rejected.
26.)  Matthew 22:1-14-Christ called himself the son of the king that prepared a great wedding banquet.
27.)  Matthew 22:43-45-Christ claimed he would sit at the right hand of God in heaven.
28.)  Matthew 23:10-Christ called himself Teacher.


        But John 1:1-18 NIV starts with "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God."  It is impossible to rescue oneself from thyself.  This is a contradiction.  That was God on the cross for all of us.  Christ was talking to God the father for our benefit only, so we could understand.  He didn't really think that but stated it to fulfill prophesy and cause us to think.  He was acting out thus fulfilling King David's prophesy in Psalm 22:1; 22:24.
This is a question to be pondered, a question all men & women should ask, should ponder when confronting their own sin, own awakening desire to cleanse, to purge filth from a soul that needs to be cleaned up.  Why would God abandon such a perfect righteous sinless man?  God's law requires accountability for sins, for innocent blood that has been shed on the ground. Sins against fellow man, sins upon creation, sins against God or sins against self, they are all the same regardless lacking to measure up to the righteousness God requires to avoid eternal damnation in the lake of fire.
God the Father never helped Christ because someone had to pay the price. 
       Sometimes a hero will rescue an innocent child, or a person in despair calling for help from a burning house requiring someone to run to the aid and rescue thereby risking himself thinking he will successfully get out.  We read these stories all the time; A brave man or woman, sometimes a child runs into a burning house to rescue someone, their parents maybe, their kids, to never be seen again until the smoke clears and the ashes are pushed aside.  And we have seen the even more rare story.  A complete stranger runs into a burning house, or dives into the lake or ocean answering a call of despair risking their own lives and safety to help someone that cannot help themselves, only to lose their livelihood, even their own lives trying to save the weak, to save a neighbor next door, the child of a neighbor next door. Sometimes a hero will rescue a friend in danger.French People When Hitler took Paris                                                                                                                                                                       
          French people when nazis stormed paris.                                                                         
       But something you never hear of or see is someone trying to rescue someone who does not deserve it.  No one with a good mind will try to risk themselves for someone that has done a lot of evil acts.  You hardly ever see stories of someone that sacrifices themselves for  a hardened criminal, a three strikes your out offender, a rapist, a murderer, a repeated liar, an adulterer, a child molester, a cheat, an abuser of children, an alcoholic, a sex addict.  But no one will take the place and punishment of a hardened criminal deserving punishment if that punishment involves a risk of being shamed, repeatedly punched in the face and mocked, spit upon, whipped horribly all over the naked body and then given a wool coat, being laughed at, being beaten, being tortured with spikes pounded through the palms and ankles with a hammer, hung on a cross, prompted by the
          Mankind abusing fellow man; The Jews in the nazi death camps.
preachers, evangelists and religious seminarians of the day.Man's Cruelty to Man   For Christ it wasn't just risk.  He was God in the flesh, he knew this would happen yet he did it anyways.  He did it because a price had to be paid.  A perfect sacrifice had to be made, to save us, to break us free from the jail cell Satan made to keep us in.  But there is a person that did exactly that for us.  Who has a friend like that?  This is how much Jesus Christ loves us.  History accurately records this.   
Why did God allow his Son, himself really, to be so mistreated, so humiliated, so physically tortured and beaten, killed and crucified? Because someone had to pay the price, a sacrifice of becoming a reflection of mankind's evil.  This was like a mirror God held to mankind revealing the evil in all men and the need for a Savior.  
The reason God was allowed such horrendous atrocities is; he was shining a mirror to mankind to reveal mankind's true spiritual state was a filthyness that could only become rightous, only become clean with God's help. God unequivocally showed mankind that mankind truly had fallen from righteousness, truly was evil, truly was heading to the lake of fire, truly lost, and; it was impossible to earn righteousness, impossible to follow a set of rules or laws, impossible to be saved by following anything resembling the mosaic law system.
Another reason God allowed these things was to prove to man through history man truly was evil;  there was a hell.  To prove there truly was an evil, a hell, to prove there was a heaven, and, people that knew the way to heaven. The way Christ, an innocent, perfect, kind loving man, was treated by other men publicly, in his underwear, proved there truly was evil beyond a shadow of a doubt, evil truly existed.  These things proved there was an evil that crossed the line of reason exposing man's heart to himself.  They also proved there was a way to leave evil.  There was a narrow winding path that led to heaven through Jesus Christ, a gift of salvation by pure grace.
       God was ministering to all mankind during these last moments on the cross.  Christ knew already those words would be recorded in the gospels.  This last question precipitates many questions tearing down many barriers exposing our souls to questions piercing our hearts to depths never pierced before.  Why God, did you not help your son?  Why Lord Almighty, did you look the other way and not send your angels to help him? Why did you not answer those praying and weeping while watching the Roman soldiers abuse our savior? Why? WHY?
                                                                                                 Rapture and Christ by
Christ was fulfilling prophecy in Psalm 22:24.    He was quoting prophecy in fulfillment that he was the Messiah prophesied by king David in this Psalm. Read Psalm 22:24 the Psalm of the suffering Messiah.
Selah, Have an awakening on this! 

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