Friday, September 08, 2006

Seventy Years and then comes judgment

We are surrounded by false preachers, false teachers and false prophets. If this is not the case like many church-goers say, than why don't the preachers read from the bibles when they are teaching? Ohhh you might see them read one sentence or two, if lucky, in a 1 1/2 hour typical church service, but, no real teaching. God has given us a real thick bible of his words to mankind. Why did God give the bible to us? Because man can never be trusted. Any time you have to have someone tell you what certain passages mean and when you look you still don't understand, this is not from God. Why? Because the preacher and teacher is now out of sinc with God's plan for mankind's spiritual growth.

Prophesy is not to be interpreted in symbolic terms. Many times man interprets God's word symbolicly to make the bible say what he wants it to say. Don't you know preachers have been twisting God's word to mean what the preachers want it to say. God is gently teaching man how to become responsable for his own spiritual growth. I can prove it. Why did God give us the bible? Because this was God's intention from the very beginning of time, to have his word impressed upon our hearts. It was God's intention from the beginning for each individual to be responsable to God individually. God gave us the bible even though preachers and teachers in high places tried to prevent us from having them.

Pastors and teachers will be held accountable for what is written in it. Most Christians will also. How many books are there in the bible that you haven't read? Did you know that God tells us the future if we carefully read the scriptures with guidance from the Holy Spirit?

Do you or have you ever heard the fig tree prophesy? This prophesy was given by Christ on the sermon on the mount in the book of Matthew. This prophesy says that once Israel becomes a nation all things will be accomplished in that generation. Israel became a nation in 1948.

According to God in the book of Psalms 90:10 prophesied by Moses the last generation will live seventy years and eighty if lucky. Do you know scientists say mankind has lived this long only the last thirty years? This same psalm says the "a day is like a thousand years in the eyes of God" at the beginning, (Psalm 90:4). This prophesy says that God's people will rise on the third day just like Christ did, (2nd Peter 3:8). Well I've got news for all you Christians that believe all of your false prophet preachers that tickle your ears by stories they make up and tell during church service.

Christ is coming, for all the old testament prophets teach that Israel's desolation would be for seventy years,(Jeremiah 24:11),(Daniel 9:2), (Zechariah 1:12). A peculiar thing is God also says seventy years for Israel's arch enemy Lebenon or Tyre
(Isaiah 23:15). Seventy years God says, seemingly everywhere here and there. What a coincidence there's that seventy years again. Why does God use certain numbers over and over? Some theologians would have you believe that certain numbers are holy to God. This is not true. One number to God is the same as any other. God speaks to those that hear his voice in repetition. Don't you know that seventy years pops up here and there throughout all the prophets in the old testament. Even Daniel talks about seventy years and at the end of chapter nine the angel tells him that Daniels people (Israel) are decreed to finish transgression and atonement for wickedness which leads to everlasting righteousness seventy sevens the angel says. Could it be that God is saying something to us thru this number seventy?

The correct interpretation of Daniel 9:24 is the celebration of the feast of Tabernacles, seventy years of celebrating the yearly feast that lasts for one week.

All current preachers say this means weeks of years or 490 years. Then they pull out this calculater and tell you how this matches Christ's coming as Messiah but you have to subtract this for this reason and add that for that reason, stop, think, do you really thing God speaks to mankind thru mathematical analysis and equations?

No, the Papal system is not part of the antichrist system, for apostle John desribes the antichrist in 1st John 2:22 saying the antichrist will deny that christ is the begotten son or that he's the son of God, God in the flesh. See this link of the Dome of the Rock and the images in the tiles that have been there since it was built. Click here.
And here are the references and translations of the inner and outer inscriptions.
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The antichrist will say that christ is just a prophet. So the antichrist will deny what the son says or deny the witnesses (apostles) of what Christ said. Does the Papal system do that? No, sure the Papal system has gotten a little off the road with their relics and statues of virgin mary and other saints but they still claim that Christ is the messiah, God in the flesh. They are part of the body of Christ just like all others who profess faith in repentence of Jesus and call on Jesus to save them. Just like any church though those that attend church without procaiming the sinner's creed are not saved by the fact they attend church. (Daniel 11:36-37), says antichrist will show no regard for the God of his fathers, or for the one desired by woman. Christianity and Cathlocism have done only good things for women. It's Islam that has abused women historicly by raping them, marrying them at unheard of young ages like ten years old. This means the religous system he represents will abuse and oppress women. It also says he will honor a God of fortresses. This means he'll believe in having a superior military strength. End of verse 39 says he will distribute land at a price. This means he'll be a conqueror and will devide land at a profit. Islam has done this historicly for thousands of years. They immigrate to a country and when there is enough of a majority they suicide bomb for a while or lob grenades into public areas and churchs. After doing that for a while then they elect leaders, and put pressure politcly to ask for an Islamic country within a country. Kind of like the nation of Islam in America that wants it's own state in America for their people. Another good example would be Pakistan and India. The majority Islam caused a civil war because they wanted their own Islamic country, so Idia rolled over and gave them territory of Pakistan. Now they're doing the same thing again in Kashmir. Muslim kashmir keep bringing suicide bombers in from other islamic countries fighting for Islamic Kashmir wich is really India. The whole process starts all over again. God describes the Islamic religion & people as locusts in the bible. Locusts always show up when the weather has already caused weaknesses in the crops, like too much rain, or too much sun. The locusts always run in packs, they never go away from the group,(Read book of Joel). They always show up all at once almost seemingly overnight , then they feed on everything, someone else has already made or produced. Ever wonder why the Pakistan and India people sound the same? It's because they are the same people. They devide land at a profit. The book of daniel says in the end the antichrist was deviding Israel for a profit. God speaks to us clearly, with no confusion. It's funny these same theologians then conclude that this pope is the antichrist or the false prophet. And the antichrist will be driving some shiny limosene and leader of the European Union, blah blah blah blagh. No, Look in Leviticus chapter 23 and read the feasts of Israel. Notice the feast of tabernacles says Israel once a year is to live in booths for a week to celebrate God taking them out of Egypt to live and dwell with God in booths. This dwelling with beings of heaven signifies living with Christ for the day of rest or 1000 year millineum. This day of rest is for both God and man, to rest and dwell together. For both God and man have been working for the last six thousand years concerning this mankind/sin/satan problem.

Also Christ never went to the feast of Tabernacles in Judea in public for the he was not to be crucified until the passover and the Feast of Tabernacles is five months before. His own brothers (probably James the less and Jude who both wrote books in the bible) reccomended him to go so the Pharisees could see Christ's miracles in Judea where Christ was crucified, (John 7:1-13). Verse 6, Christ tells us that the right time has not yet come.

Christ seems to insinuate a double meaning. One, that Christ's crucifiction must occur on the passover to fulfill the firstfruits wave offering, (1st Corinthians 15:20-23), when He's raised from dead. Second, that the time isn't right to come celebrate the Feast of Taberacles, even though he later attends without the knowledge of his brothers incognito.

The feast of Tabernacles is a yearly celebration required by God to remind Israel that after they were taken out of slavery in Egypt God and Israel dwelled in tents together. (This is for one week per year to live in a booths made of palm branches). Seventy years of this could be described as seventy weeks, or seventy years of weeks. Don't you get it? 70 years plus 1948 equels the year around 2018. 2018 minus a 7 year tribulation is an around 2012 or 2011 rapture date.

Remember Christ said the second coming would be just like the days of Noah. People would be eating and drinking and marrying. In otherwords life would have them distracted from the really important things. How about you brothers and sisters, does life have you distracted from God?

Selah, (meditate on this).