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The Drawing
Christian Science Fiction Novel
by RobertLeeRE
 The Drawing
Christian Science Fiction Novel
by RobertLeeRE
The Drawing, written with a well thought out Christian metaphor, it’s a mystery… it’s science fiction…it’s the gospel, even fantasy all wrapped up in one. An excellent gift to any Christian Sci-Fi family member in your midst. 108,094 words with a massive sized 21,292 word bibliography means good value at $9.99 on Kindle. :-) It may be also purchased as a high quality 9x6 large trade which is almost two inches thick to give you an idea of the size of this epic novel.
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There is also a large print edition for those with challenged eyesight in which all the font has been formatted in the 16 to eighteen size. The cover is a little bit different on this but it is the same book. The amount of pages in this large font is about one third more pages so the cost is higher on the manufacturing costs so the cost of this high quality trade Paperback that is 7x10 in size at 588 pages is only 23.92 plus 3.99 shipping.
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"The Drawing" Story Synopsis:
What if, a massive asteroid is heading for Earth because for years prior NASA decided to slam a probe into the NEO asteroid to see what would happen and whether or not they were able to manipulate the path of the asteroid. There were and they did and four years later instead of being a NEO it is a direct hit for Earth. This Science Fiction novel is also a Christian novel with a metaphor weaved into the entire story about mankind being drawn to the cross seeking answers to the cross.
Imagine if you will, something that effects mankind so much God's fingerprints can be seen all over the history of mankind. We have already seen this one time when God's Son Jesus Christ rose on the third day. This affected all mankind. This story is a mystery thriller and I cannot tell you what happens for if I do it will ruin the story but it is about something epic like when Christ crucified rising on the 3rd day happening all over again. God once again draws mankind to his Son again. Can you imagine that?
The book is called "The Drawing" about all mankind being drawn to God again, being placed on a path in intergalactic travel to seek answers to something placed in mankind's path by God. Buy the novel and see. :-) Imagine mankind confronted with one of only two possibilities. Either: (A) this massive something was made by God  (B) made by an ancient alien race. The thing we are talking of is something found of massive proportions that shakes up all mankind so bad it causes massive riots throughout the Earth.
Influenced greatly by C.S. Lewis, J.R. Tolken and Steven King RobertLeeRE weaves an amazing metaphor in this science fiction Christian novel that will cause the reader to not be able to put the book down. RobertLeeRE takes the what if to the maximum drive shifting into 5th gear. So put your seat belts on because you will need them when you read this Christian novel.
Consider this: An astronaut falls cutting himself badly on what is thought to be an ancient alien road or landing pad on the Moon…, miraculously healed… ? What? NASA, decides further testing of these extraordinary healing powers needed which are… connected directly to what they think is a road later discovered to be something else of epic proportions. There’s more… so many twists and turns.
Since this is a Christian science fiction novel, RobertLeeRE weaves an amazing metaphor throughout the novel about the drawing to the cross thus the book is named "The Drawing." It tells of mankind being drawn to space seeking answers to a peculiar something mankind found. This beautiful metaphor is weaved into this amazing science fiction story that instead of supporting evolution actually supports creation.
This book is the perfect gift for the science fiction fan in your family or the Atheist loved one. Buy it and support Christian writers of science fiction. :-) RobertLeeRE explores the big what if with a expertly told tale of a metaphor of the gospel, the drawing to the cross of Jesus Christ. It’s a big “what if story” as many Science fiction stories are. Well…, riots all over the Earth… diamonds found on the Moon…, but how?You must read the book to see. Christians being martyred everywhere. But there is more, so much more you must buy and read the book to see. :-) The entire book is a metaphor about the gospel called ‘The Drawing.” RobertLeeRE weaves a beautiful metaphor of the gospel guaranteed to minister to one and all that read it. Buy this book for you. Buy it for others ministering to their soul. This is an excellent gift for the Atheist in your family that thinks science and Christianity do not mix. This book proves Christians can conquer science fiction with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

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