Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Antichrist kingdoms not coming from European Union

Nor are they coming from the Pope, Rome or America. The only place with kings on earth today that hate Jews and Christians and still beheads people (Revelation 20:4) is in the middle east.

The Antichrist kingdoms will come from the middle east desert ( Revelation 17:3), Their authority will be given by God for one hour, Revelation 17:12(43.66 years at 1000 years = a day prophetic timetable, after militant Islam overthrew Iran also called Persia by the world until 1938 according to the CIA book of facts), these 43.66 years appear to have started when the new radical Persians overthrew the Shah of Iran ousting him in the late seventies leading to the global spread of radical Islam. For the multitudes slain by the Antichrist kingdoms, beheaded by sword during tribulation, were cleansed with their own and lambs blood (martyrdom) and given white robes,(Revelation 7:14), by not denying Jesus is the Christ, the begotten son of God the Father. And what's up with those images that have been on the dome of the rock since it was built? Click this link to see.
http://www.angelfire.com/journal2/dome_images/ Also read the inscriptions translated on the inside and the outside of the Dome of The Rock.

For when the fourth seal is opened a pale horse comes out who's rider is death and Hades was following close behind him, they were given power over one fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine, and plague (Revelation 6:7-8). I wonder how much of the earth Islam controls? For these anticrime kingdoms will set up an abomination that causes desolation at the same place the temple in Jerusalem is located for in Daniel 9:27 says on the wing of the temple. The only thing I know that is here today is the Dome of the Rock.

The false prophet of the antichrist will also come from the desert (Matthew 24:26), this is why the beast the harlot is riding and steering but falls off (bucked) is seen in the desert. For the Beast hates Babylon The Great the Mother of Harlots (U.S.A.) and it is in the beasts mind to destroy her,(Revelation 17:16), for the beast will eat her flesh and leave her naked and burn her with fire, (Revelation 17:16,18:8), this will be judgment by God or terrorists carrying nukes into America or both.

For this reason it appears the prophesies state that America will be successfully nuked by a group of nations with Russia (Medes) and Iran (Persia) leading them. Looks like around ten cities.

This is also the same place the Christ warns us in the sermon on the mount in the book of Matthew that if you see me in the desert as a man it is not me but it is the false prophet (Matthew 24:26). This false prophet beast who probably will call himself Jesus Christ (according to both Sunni and Shiite Islamic prophesies they believe this man is the real Christ descended ) is the false prophet that will perform great and miraculous signs, even causing fire coming down from heaven to earth in full view of men (Revelation 13:13), this false prophet who will call himself Jesus Christ(falsely). For the second time Christ comes, scriptures say he comes in all his glory as God like lightening is seen from east to west. These deserts are also where the last wars will take place.

This is also where death is worshipped through martyrdom. Satan is death and the antichrist kingdoms will defeat the Christian and Jews with the worship of death. People that allow death to prevail everywhere in their culture are following Satan.

The Antichrist according to the Islamic Sunnis will be the 12th Imam. See this Sunni Islamic website. http://www.allaahuakbar.net/shiites/12th_imam_of_the_shiites_is_the_dajjal.htm So these Sunnis are attempting to warn their fellow brother and sister Muslims that it appears the anticrime is going to be the 12th imam. Notice Islam also believes Jesus Christ will descend and become a man, walking as a man and will be an assistant to the 12th imam for according to Islamic prophesy the 12th imam will ask in public for Jesus Christ to lead them in prayer. Christ refuses, saying that he is behind the 12th imam, that the 12th imam is greater.
http://www.angelfire.com/journal2/dome_images/ Click to see strange dome of rock images.
Islam also believes this same Jesus will correct his past statements saying is is not the begotten son of God Father and that he lied and that god sent him back to earth to correct these things.
http://www.csmonitor.com/2005/1221/p01s04-wome.html Click to read about 12th imam.
They also appear to believe that chaos and nuclear war will occur before or during or right when the Antichrist reveals himself. They also believe that the 12th imam and Jesus Christ(false prophet) will be given a new holy book from god and will tell the world the true Christian religion is Islam supporting these claims with many miracles and wonders. Hmmmmm.

America Is Babylon the Great, Mother of Prostitutes, Abominations of the Earth

America is Babylon the Great. All you have to do is read Revelation chapters 17 and 18 about the fall of Babylon the Great. Read the other end times chapters in the old testement prophetic books about the fall of Babylon, Jeremiah chapters 50 & 51, Isaiah chapters 13, 21, 46, 47.

So God says Wake Up, Wake Up.

Read the description of her with an open mind, here are some of the highlights. She sits on many waters, (Revelation 17:15). God calls her oh arrogant one. God says she has written on her forehead Mystery, Mother of Prostitutes, Babylon the Great, (Revelation 17:5). God says she will teach the nations on the earth to become like her. America teaches that wealth and luxeries are more important than anything even God. God says she adorns herself in great wealth that is made by buying luxerious goods from all the nations of the earth (Revelation 17:4, 18:3, 18:11-13, 18:19-20).

Quit resetting your alarm to snore, God says Wake up, Wake up.

For god says that Babylon the Great, America is the threshing floor at the time it is trampled and judged, resulting in a greater world harvest of souls because she fell, (Jeremiah51:33). God also says Babylon The Great, America will be the boast of the whole earth right before she is judged by God, (Jeremiah 51:41), fallen in one day, one hour. For this reason the merchants of the earth weep when she falls, (Revelation 18:14-17), because they can no longer become wealthy by selling goods to her.

God says to flee Babylon for her judgement are piled to heaven.

It appears also that God also brings down New Jerusalem the Great City God Built from heaven approximately seven years after the fall of Babylon the Great, mother of Harlots, Abominations of the Earth, America, (Revelation chapter 21), a city whose measurements are 1,400 miles by 1,400 miles by a height of 1,400 miles, (Revelation 21:16). This great city built by God will be larger than man's great city, America, built by the nations of the world. At about half the size of America's mainland, this city country will also be fourteen hundred miles high, shaped like a mountain/pyramid.

Wake up, Wake up.

She rides the antichrist nations like a horse and steers them, (Revelation 17:3). God says he will judge her harshly by overwhelming her borders by sending foreigners into her land. She is found riding the antichrist beast in the desert, (Revelation 17:3). The Kings of the earth become wealthy because of her.

Read Zachariah the prophet chapter 5 prophesing while he was in the lessor Babylon. He talks about a measuring basket that measures wickedness in a distant future land of Babylonia, this woman is the Mystery, Mother of Harlots and of the abominations of the earth, America,USA. Notice the cover on the basket of wickedness, lead, to stop Nuclear proliferment. For judgement is coming to America for all the innocent blood that is being shed on her land everywhere.

You cannot stop this for it is already written by the prophets. Just get your hearts soft and let God come into your life and mold you for he is the potter and you are the clay, for the end of the book is already written, we win, they lose big. We will all be in New Jerusalem soon!

Also notice who the enemies are that cause the fall of babylon by coming from the north, (Jeremiah 51:48) that God raises up to judge babylon in addition to God's judgement. There is persia (Iran), Media (Russia & north of Iran northeast of the Caspian sea ), Ararat,Minni and Ashkenaz, (Armenians, S.E. Turkey, N.E. Syria,Northern Iraq and Northwestern Iran), in a huge army swarm like locusts, (Jeremiah 51:27-29). For God says they will come through the north, most likely the Russian army with terrorists through Alaska and terrorists over the Canadian border, (Jeremiah 51:48).