Friday, September 29, 2006

How To Awaken Your Soul in Fifteen Weeks

How to awaken your soul for God

We all wish to awaken our souls to God. The question is how. Before we can explore how we must first ask ourselves if we really wish to be awoken. When God’s people become awoken during the last generation they become prophets of God.

There are two main characteristics that prophets of God exhibit by the studying of the scriptures, one being that a prophet interprets the current times to the church or God’s people according to what God is doing to that generation at that time. Another characteristic is telling the future through visions given by angels or God.
These visions must not contradict the word of God or they’re from a dark angel, or, the prophet’s imagination. Most of god’s prophets do both of these at the same time, here they are.
God’s Prophets

1) Absorb word thoroughly, fast, prayer then tell future &

2) Interpret current times according to what God is doing

This is the most current accepted definition by most current and past theologians. In order to understand this properly we must also define false prophets. Here it is.

False Prophets

1) Tell people what they think is the future (but is really their imagination), never going to God’s word or testing God’s word with what some past theologian’s claim.

2) Interpret current times according to what man thinks God is doing.

3) One thing they all seem to have in common is their unwillingness to open the
bible and read whether alone or with someone else.

It is important to note that many times a false prophet could have a lot of correct information.

For example: During the pre-birth days of the Messiah Jesus Christ there were many false prophets who knew and spoke of the coming birth of the Messiah, King Herod for one, that wanted to kill him. So these false prophets also had a lot of truth mixed with false hoods. They knew of the birth of the coming Christ and knew more than what I would call the fence-sitters who had no desire to know of the spiritual matters. So these fence-sitters were the ones in the middle. They were not hot for God, neither cold, but in the middle area of lukewarm/cold.

It is only God’s prophets and false prophets that have some truth, or mixed truth with what they say.

God’s prophets have 100% truth and false prophets have less than 100% truth. It is important to know that although the false prophets have less than 100% truth they still have more insight than someone who is not a prophet at all. These false prophets could appear to someone who doesn’t know the truth as a prophet from God. So what is it that we as God followers are to do?

Read the Instruction Manual

I’m not trying to sound coy or cutesy. I am dead serious. There are certain parts of the bible I would start with first for those of you with limited understanding of God’s Word. I would start reading God’s word in this order. These are weekly assignments, and here’s fifteen weeks worth. This is like spiritual boot camp. You get through these fifteen you will be blessed of God! May your soul awaken!
1) Adam and Eve and the fall of man, chapters1-3 Proverbs.

2) Romans all have sinned, Jacob and his twelve sons.

3) Romans salvation by faith, John 3:16, Sinners prayer.

4) Read whole book of Galatians.

5) Read gospel of John, 22 &23rd Psalm.

6) Read story of Noah and Noah’s ark, and book of Matthew.

7) Read Thessolonians 1& 2, Jude, and the Nephilim before Noah’s ark and mist from ground and vegetarianism.

8) Read Abraham and Isaac, nephew Lot and Sodom and Gommorah.

9) Read whole book of Jonah.

10) Read Revelations and seven angels and seven lamps (churches).

11) Read book of Job, Psalm 47&48, 110 & 111.

12) Read Book of Acts three times.

13) Moses and the promised land and the ten commandments and 40 years in wilderness.

14) Book of Luke three times.

15) Read entire Book of Revelation.

Now for the more advanced students who wish to be used as prophets for God!

Everything is there for you to be awakened from God. You see God’s comparison to the church in the time right before he comes constantly typecasts the church as sleeping or not awake. What does this mean to those of you who desire to follow God and know what God is doing in your life today? It means you no longer need a preacher to interpret scripture or show you the way to God, unless you can’t read or something like that. Let’s explore the scriptures that say the church is not awake or sleeping right before God comes to mankind again. They are as follows:

The Parable of the Ten Virgins, Matthew 25:1-13.

Garden of Gethsemane, Matthew 26:36-46

Psalm 17:15

Proverbs 7:22

Ephesians 5:14